MSCHF Shoes – Wavy Baby and Every Earlier Stunt They Pulled!

MSCHF Shoes: So, this isn’t your textbook-serious industry. However, there certainly are a few unspoken (or perhaps spoken) lines that should not be entered. However, you know, anything can be done if you have enough nerve. And when anything, MSCHF provides extensive nerve. Consider the company because of the Fred and George Weasley of popular culture! Although it’s been all-around pulling stunts, we’re really thinking about the questionable MSCHF Shoes. The most recent Wavy Baby is certainly and not the brand’s first trip through legal battles… and most likely and not the last. So let’s take a look at how was mischief managed this time around!

MSCHF x Tyga’s Wavy Baby – Old Skool Stuntin’

In April 2022, we got news of the sneaker collaboration between MSCHF and Tyga. That pair’s name is “Wavy Baby”. At an initial glance, you’ll immediately consider the Vans Old Skool silhouette. And we’re prepared to bet our a$$ this is intentional on MSCHF’s part! But to “avoid” similarities, everything concerning the Wavy Baby is wavy, the soles. And based on Tyga, with an episode of Sneaker Shopping, the kicks required them 9 several weeks of testing! Anyway, the kicks dropped on April 18, 2022, for $220. And you may have it for $400 typically from the resale market.

The Legal Drama

The storyline certainly doesn’t finish having a peaceful discharge of the athletic shoes though, because Vans required it personally. Therefore the skating brand went full-on Nike on MSCHF (we’ll explain later) and filed a suit against the brand!

Based on Vans: “MSCHF, together with Mr. Stevenson (Tyga for all of us mere mortals), has shamelessly marketed the Wavy Baby shoe inside a direct effort to confuse consumers, unlawfully siphon sales from Vans, and intentionally damage Vans’ valuable IP legal rights. The Wavy Baby shoe blatantly and unmistakably incorporates Vans’ legendary trademarks and trade dress.” Just how will the drama finish? We simply gotta wait and find out if they’ll choose a settlement like other lawsuits.

A History of Mischievous MSCHF Shoes!


Of course, the Wavy Baby kicks aren’t the first MSCHF shoes to stir trouble. So we’re gonna take a look at previous releases that may or may not be subject to lawsuits. Shall we?

MSCHF x INRI Air Max 97 “Jesus Shoes”

This pair didn’t generate the brand a suit, and surely lots of attention and debate! Firstly, INRI means “Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum,” meaning “Jesus of Nazareth, King from the Jews.” The kicks are Nike’s classic Air Max 97s having a twist for them. Rather than the air unit, the kicks have holy water inside them so that you can literally walk on water! Anyway, based on MSCHF, Nike acknowledged they didn’t do anything wrong by shedding the kicks.

The kicks dropped on October 8, 2019, and retailed for a whopping $1,000. But if you’re really channeling the pious energy, then you’ll have to pay about $3,000 in resale!

Li Nas X’s Satan Kicks – By Far the Most Scandalous MSCHF Shoes

Even though the Jesus footwear was questionable, they didn’t drag the company to the court. However, Lil Nas X and MSCHF really are a very bold partnership that led to the official suit! Even though the concept was much like the 2019 pair, people didn’t go that well. The kicks were restricted to 666 pairs and incorporated a pentagram and a small amount of human bloodstream within the soles.

The Lil Nas X collab dropped in June 2021 for $1,018 and individuals bought them in under one minute! However, the kicks didn’t sit well with Nike, also it hit MSCHF having a suit. The 2 brands eventually arrived at funds the kicks will walk out of circulation. But well… you realize, the deed was kinda done.

Tap3 – The Most Boring MSCHF Shoes?

Dare we are saying it? MSCHF isn’t the type of brand to decrease a dull set of athletic shoes. And Tap3 isn’t any different. It could don’t have the debate of flexing the swoosh, however, it still nods to some certain classic silhouette. Should you take a look at what’s underneath the yellow MSCHF tape, you’ll find that you have a black Air Pressure 1 replica. But is the fact that different from Bape athletic shoes? Anyhow, the kicks dropped on March 21, 2022, for $220. However, you can really purchase them from the resale marketplace for $171 typically that is under retail!

Is That Everything MSCHF Has to Offer?

The chaotic brand is certainly dirty using the drama. As well as their stunts are certainly not sneaker-exclusive! So make certain you retain following a brand’s news because who knows what’s approaching. Take it easy though, our blog’s got everything in check and can help you stay up-to-date. And when you’re searching for additional interesting topics, check out the NFT world. It’s certainly an encouraging venture, even when you aren’t over sneaker reselling.

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